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21 Power Tips That Will Turn a Mediocre Copywriter Into an Extraordinary One

When Aeschines addressed an audience in Ancient Greece, their reaction was – “What a wonderful speech”. When Demosthenes addressed the same audience, their reaction was – “Let’s march against Philip

Behold, the difference between an average copywriter and a great one.

1. Use exact figures in your sales pitch. Instead of "Most car owners", write 77.6% of All car owners

2. Be situational in order to achieve initial bond and intimacy. Instead of "Dear Jim, I thought of introducing you to my inflatable sex doll, use: "Dear name, it’s 8:45 am here. It is already so hot outside that I have to hold a red bandana to prevent my sweat falling onto the keyboard."

3. Read your copy aloud. Doing so will help you find the bumps and the rough edges. Keep refining and reading aloud until you are satisfied with the end result.

4. Be visual. Instead of “you can dramatically improve your sales volume” use “You can make a bushel of money!”

5. When you offer a deal ALWAYS explain why are you offering this good deal. Example: “I am offering this deal because I just had a fire at my storage and I am having a fire sale.

6. If you need to use a second letter in your newsletter, you should use Red. Don’t ask why.

7. If you want to study ad layouts, study editorial layouts. The key is to become great at making your ad look like an editorial .

8. Maintain attention and focus by asking questions every now and then in your newsletter and then answering them yourself. Example: Joe, do you understand what what I am saying? You do? Good, then let’s go on….

9. If selling knowledge (reports, stock recommendations etc) include your handwritten signature at the end of the email. There is reason why industry behemoths from Tony Robbins to James Altucher still do that.

10. To keep the prospect interested, tell their story by telling yours story. Example: I wanted to trade bitcoin for so long, but didn’t know where to start. Watched videos, attended a workshop but it was all scattered in my mind. Then I found out this book that organized it all for me…..

Make your sales pitch only after you have fueled their desire…

11. Don’t use the same old CTA buttons everyone else does. Instead of Subscribe, use Next.

12. Use power words (Cool, Funky, Hot or Epic). But only use them during the initial bonding stage. When the pitching part of your copy comes, you have to be serious. It is best to use power words in the very headline.

13. Embed segmentation cleverly. Instead of saying “Here is a clever new way to make money” use “Here is a clever new way for 20 years old to make money.” Or “Here is a clever new way for dentist to make extra money.”

Power tip for all copywriters: Study your reader first, your product second.

14. Show awareness about your target market’s context in order to apply a clever bait. If you write to a housewife: "After you have your breakfast dishes washed, your floor swept and your bed made up I would like to have a minute of your time."

15. Appeal to the emotion, not to the intellect. Perhaps the best example I have ever run to demonstrate this is the following excerpt from a Robert Colier Letter, selling Well's Outline of History:

Dear reader: Do you know what is the really significant thing about all the pre-historic fossils and ancient civilizations ……..
Not the fact that the dinosaur eggs found in Mongolia may be 10,000,000 or 100,000,000 years old
Not whether the temple of the Moon-God in Ur or the Chaldees was built before the Tower of Babel or the Temple of the Sun God in Mexico was more ancient still.
Not these things. The really significant thing is that from them men are for the first time beginning to get an understanding of that infinite “life-principle” that moves the universe.
You read in Well’s Outline of History how for millions of years this “live-principle” was threatened by every kind of danger – sudden climactic changes, lack of food, floods, earthquakes, droughts..
But to it each new danger was merely an incentive to find a new resource. Pursued through water it sought land. Pursued over land it sought the air. To breath in the sea, it put forth gills. Strangled on land it made lungs. To protect itself from glacial cold it grew fur….
All through the history of live and mankind you see this same directing Intelligence – call it Nature, call it Providence, call it what you will ----- rising to meet every need of live.
No man can read Wells’ without realizing that the whole purpose of existence is growth – that life is dynamic, not static.”

What is the remarkable part about this [book] pitch? It bypasses the intellect and connects straight to the emotion by providing a coherent narrative of millions of years of history.

16. Help the prospect absorb your offer easier by providing him with familiar analogies. Give him something that will stir him out of his indifference. Example: “Honey, like the one Cleopatra served to Antony.” or “Like painting a battleship with a toothbrush.

17. Start your pitch with a personal affirmation in order to bring a positive element of surprise. Example: “Oh! It’s so great to get out in the morning.

18. Ask for an opinion. This is among my favorite “Christmas Eggs.” When you do outreach instead of jumping straight to pitching your product you can simply and humbly ask for an opinion. Example: “Dear James, I need to ask your very frank opinion about a product we are soon introducing…”

19. Use the “Can you do me a favor” trick. How does it work? Inform the prospect that you are producing a limited batch of this product and you want to be sure that randomly chosen people like it before you commit more investment into serial production. Example: Nikita, can you do me a favor? I am not sure how large is the demand so I wanted to run a test first.. Will you try using XYZ product for free, see it, check how much money it saves you – And then let me know?

20. Let your prospect partake in the action rather than being a passive spectator, being sold to. Example: Show Me One of Your Rejected Manuscripts, And I Will show You the Secret of Making All Your Stories Successful."

21. Average copywriters stop at "Because we are offering the cheapest price ." Great ones elaborate how or why his offer is the cheapest one. Example: We are giving you this bargain deal of 1$9.95 instead of the standard $35 BECAUSE unseasonable weather has left us with extra bulk of supply. Who can tell the ways of the Lord, indeed. "

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