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White Papers Are Douche. Try These 2 Content Marketing Hacks Instead

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Write us some blog posts

Fix our website content

Get people to read our emails

Adopt my children

These are some of the normal requests we get from clients.

And when you are prr… obably the best copywriting agency in South Asia you are being offered kids as well.

Can I offer an advice?

Sure, articles and whitepapers are all cool content formats everyone is accustomed to.

But there are bunch of other underutilized formats as well. Most brands have no idea about them and have never used them.

That’s what makes them so powerful.

1) Comic books

2) Online courses

Let’s get into each of them ...

What makes comic books such awesome content format for brands?

Most clients who knock on our door experience declining sales.

For many of them we are their last hope.

There are many reasons why your sales may dip.

One of them is your very brand. Your brand doesn’t feel like a person but rather a masala of corporate jargon.

When no one really understand what you stand for, no one will buy. People are searching for identities every day.

Are you able to give them one?

Comics are a perfect middle ground. Great for making your image more tangible and suitable for more mature enterprises who don’t want to take the risk of being perceived as “immature” by their audience.

That’s what comics are. A form of entertaining art which no one takes too seriously. A way to tell a joke without losing your credo.

When you present your brand or products through comics you can be forgiven for acting foolish but the message will still stick.

A win-win.

Have you ever seen how a corporate comic look like?

No? That’s because there are barely any examples out there. Which is why comics are gold mines for savvy brand managers.

Here is a comic we wrote for an enterprise client of Inkblot Media (design was provided by their own team).

If one of Finland’s most respected manufacturers of electrical systems can afford to loosen up and have a bit of fun, surely you can do it too.

No one should be above making fun of himself.

It’s a trick you can borrow from world’s most famous comedians and artists such as Eminem. He practices what is known as a “hater proofing.”

It’s a method where you impersonate your critics and address their critiques yourself before they get the chance to do that. By doing so you take away their air space, their oxygen.

Are you being accused of being a dirty capitalist? Use comics to disprove these assertions. No one will argue with a comic book.

What makes online courses such awesome content format for brands?

Companies relying heavily on edumarketing can kill it with this content format.

Yet for some reason very few of them launch their own online courses. Most enterprises still opt out for more traditional content formats like white papers and ebooks.

Here lies an opportunity. Video and audio dominate the world of content.

Audio books are the fastest growing, most consumed form of content at the moment.

You don’t have to invest anything heavily into video production. A mere audio recording will do the job for as long as you have something good to say.

Few of our customers started opening up for this. Inkblot Media can help by writing down the script for the audio course. There are no hard core rules about whether you should opt for long form or short form audio course.

Try these out or let us produce them for you. You will thank us later.

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